Family Portraits

With the changing times, family pictures are more important than ever. Hold your family memories in a portrait taken by Country Studio. No matter where they go; you will have your family close, in portraits taken by Country Studio.

Our customers tell us some wonderful stories and we would like to share some of them over the comming months.

During the horse & buggy days ranches were miles apart, and finding a suitable mate was quite a task.

One lonely rancher was visiting with a neighbor who told him of a new young lady who had been hired by a neighboring rancher as a helper for his wife

Well, that sparked a light in the eye of the rancher who was lonley and looking for a mate.

Without further though, the next morning he hitched the team to his wagon and started the long journey to the neighboring ranch. After a journey, which lasted most of the day he arrived at his destination. The rancher's helper, a young girl was outside working.

His comment to his family was, he took one look and she did not meet his fancy so he turned his team around and took the long trip back home without stopping to be neighbory.

We meet the most wonderful and interesting people; and as we take pictures and they relax, the inner beauty of their personlity becomes apparent in the portraits. The smile becomes genuine and gentleness and friends become real.

Country Studio

Wilder, Idaho


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